Company History

In 1973, Arizona Castings began operating in Tempe, AZ as a Cast Iron and Ductile Iron foundry. Customer and market demands dictated that we expand our activities and focus to the quickly emerging non-ferrous requirements of the Automotive, Aerospace, and Fluid pumping industries. We continued to grow both in volume and services and in 2006 moved the company to our current location in Maricopa, AZ. In 2009, we further increased our customer base in the Brass and Bronze industries when we acquired the customer base of a closing foundry.

Currently, we have 3 gas fired crucible Aluminum furnaces and 2 high frequency Inductive furnaces for the melting of our Brass and Bronze alloys. By mid 2012, we will be adding an additional 2000 lb Aluminum gas furnace, a 500 lb electric Aluminum furnace, a No-Bake sand and reclaimer system and an automatic molding machine. The incorporation of this additional equipment will significantly enhance our capacity to provide a larger number of cost effective castings while reducing manufacturing lead times.

We specialize in Aluminum alloy castings from 1 oz to 1200 lbs and Brass and/or Bronze castings from 1 oz to 600 lbs. Our coring has expanded its capabilities to include shell cores, Pep-set cores and Co2 cores and we have heat treating furnaces on site to provide quick and accurate annealing and aging of our castings.

Arizona Castings is currently providing quality, cost effective castings for the automotive industry, water, oil and gas distribution industry, decorative home accessories products and industrial tools and hardware. We have in-house engineering and pattern design capability, from either drawings or reverse engineering and plan on adding machine capability options in the near future. While some of our customers require large delivery quantities of castings, we specialize in small to medium orders of 25 to 50 castings as well as prototype programs.